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Rescue Center - Dog Walking and CaretakingWe strive to walk each dog twice each day. This exercise is an important way to ensure each dog's physical and emotional well being during their stay at our rescue center. It's something many dogs look forward to each day!  Before, during, and after the walk, you have the opportunity to socialize the dog, teach the dog good behaviors (like how to walk properly on a leash), and give them plenty of affection. In addition, we ask volunteers to keep their crates clean and water buckets full.  
Adoption Center - This building is mainly smaller dogs that require pen cleaning.  Puppies and small dogs also require social enrichment and an opportunity for play and engagement!
Photographer - Adopt Me! BPR is always in need of good, quality pictures to market our animals and show the community glimpses of our events and happenings. A good picture says a thousand words and since we are mostly "internet based," this helps our animals get adopted quicker!
Cat Cuddler - Adopt Me! BPR is sponsored by Petco and we are able to keep cats / kittens in their display cubbies.  We need volunteers to clean and handle the kittens / cats.  Schedule is very flexible and at your leisure.   
Grant Writer - A vital part of any non-profit agency!  Our grant writers will seek out and apply for grants to support and help expand our programs. Experienced grant writers are needed. 
Public Education Team - Volunteers will participate in various special events such as classroom education or donation drives done through the schools. (Post COVID opportunity)
Foster Canine Care - Needing Foster homes for dogs that come into our program.
Foster Feline Care - Needing Foster homes for cats that come into our program. 
Administrative Duties - Odds and ends opportunities for envelope stuffing, paperwork, etc.
Oldham County Awareness Builder - A volunteer to brainstorm and follow through for various ideas, events which help incorporate Adopt Me! BPR deeper into the Oldham County community. 
Transport - People are needed to drive animals between locations. Many times we need an animal to go from boarding to the vet. Or to meet the transport van coming from the Eastern parts of the state.  Many variations in transporting happen daily! 
Adoption Events - All hands on deck to help at our Petco adoption events. Dog walking, speaking with prospective adopters about individual animals or general questions. (Petco events are postponed until further notice due to COVID per Petco Manager.) 
Educational Piece Writers - Obtaining information to inform the public and assist in newsletter creation. This information may be used in newspaper, social media, or other sources. All ages are encouraged to participate!
Special Events - Adopt Me! BPR participates in many community events such as visiting nursing homes with our animals, Oldham County Day booth, intersection collection and we need many hands on to make light work!
Main Event Committee and Coordinators - Adopt Me! BPR will host larger events during the year and need many volunteers for a successful outcome. Events will be planned well in advance for committees to be formed and duties to be divided. Committee Chairs are also needed. 
Fundraising - One of the most important aspects to keep us functioning on our Mission!  There are many opportunities for large and small scale fundraising and donation collections.  We are looking for someone to assist with some of these! All ages are available to participate! 
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